Digital Transformation Strategy #1

What should you do in IT&Digital world so that your business successfully realize its strategy?

We have answers.

Moreover, we are not related or influenced by any product or company so we will analyze and recommend what is really best for YOU and your specific needs.

IT cost savings #2

Do not spend money of services you do not need or can buy cheaper.

Do not cut your other costs prior you review your IT spending.

We can help.

Moreover, our price is tightly related to amount of money we help you save.

Overview of IT projects in any phase #3

Maybe you are not sure whether you wrote tender documentation for your IT system comprehensively, is everything included?

Maybe you are currently stuck in some phase of your digital transformation and you are not sure how to continue?


We can help.

We know what elements are mandatory to be included in any IT system implementation tender and which brings you only additional costs .

We know risks and how to mitigate them in any phase of implementation of digital transformation.

We know practical solutions for issues that you are facing in your digital transformation project.

Digital Marketing #4

Should you use Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, Twiter or TikTok?

How often you should post?

Which post to sponsor with which amount to which group?

How to do StoryTelling over Social Networks?


We can help.

We can offer Digital Marketing strategy and ever run your channels for you.

Education #5

Our Digital Academy develops skills important for Digital era: IT skills, Creativity and Social&Emotional Intelligence.